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Reaper Bones

Posted: July 31, 2013 in Minis and Terrain

My wife and I bought into the recent (last year) Reaper Bones Kickstarter. I have painted a grand total of 7 of the 250 or so minis that we got in the deal.






In the second scenario, Phoenix’s serpent society attempted to give chase to my fleeing mercenaries. Cedric the Mildly Useless proved fast on his feet and was able to drum up a few recruits from the town before the serpents arrived.

town defense

Cedric manged to recruit Brandy the Brave, a buxom swords woman, Theodric the Just, a mighty paladin and Eagle Eye Killian an elvish archer. These new worthies along with Cedric’s surviving comrades, Tarn the Savage and Baran the Blade, deployed among the buildings to prepare for the band of serpents

Cedric's Cavaliers

I did not plan on using Cedric much, hence his name, but with the tragic death of Captain Rothgar in the previous battle, Cedric became the leader of the band and promptly renamed the new company, Cedric’s Cavaliers. Despite the fact they had no mounted troops. Really his only good point was to provide the leadership bonus to Quality and Combat rolls.

serpents arrive

Cedric's Cavaliers

Cedric orders

When the serpents arrive, arrogantly strolling out into the open, Cedric orders his troops into the fray.

Cedric orders

looking good

Things start out well and one of the serpent beasts (actually a scorpian thingy because I did not have a mounted lizard man) was killed.

cedric falls

cedric dies

Cedric proved even more useless when he was first knocked down and then killed by the leader of the serpent band. Once again, losing your leader in SBH is a bad bad thing. None of my troops routed off the board this time but several did leave the immediate area which let Phoenix really slap around the few who remained.

brandy falls

theo battles

theo fights on

death of theo

killians last stand

I had them on the ropes one minute and the next I was dog food. The entire war band was wiped out this time.

My friend Phoenix and I sat down to play SBH this evening. This is our second session with this game and although he slaughtered me the first time around I was feeling very confidant as we set up for the game. After all it was me who introduced him to table top wargaming. Obviously his initial win was a fluke, right?

The site of our battle.

The site of our battle.

So my band of hardened mercenaries, Rothgar’s Raiders, were making their way through some spooky ruins when they find themselves ambushed by band of Serpent Warriors known as Phe Phe’s Phalanx. Phe won the toss and chose to defend so he set up the ruins and set his ambush tokens in place.

Phe placed his ambush tokens.

Phe placed his ambush tokens.

Once Phe placed his ambush tokens I deployed my band of stalwart warriors within 1medium measurment of my table edge, at the edge of the ruins.

the ruins 2

Everyone but my mage, Cedric the Mildly Useless, was able to activate on the first round. Poor Cedric stayed back behind that wall.

moving in

My melee forces moved into the ruins not realizing that they were being watched.

Rothgar n basilisk

Captain Rothgar encounters a basilisk.

death of rothgar

Not expecting to also be attacked by the leader of the serpent band, Rothgar falls and is soon slain on the spot. This results in three more of my troops fleeing in terror. Things went quickly down hill from there since I started with only six members in my war band.

edain attacks

Edain the Archer was one of the last of my troops left on the table.

edain battles

ambush the end

He proved mighty but not mighty enough. In the end, they chased him down and put an end to him. Phoenix didn’t even activate his entire war band. One of them was still in hiding when my forces had left the field or died.