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Woohoo!  Left Seattle on Wednesday, flew down to the 909 to see my grandparents and today my friend, Benji, and I are off to Gateway Convention where in there shall be much geekery and gaming goodness, and alliteration.  I will post some photos at some point, I am certain.



long shot

medium shot


The NightWatch

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Minis and Terrain, Uncategorized

My entry for the diorama portion of the Papercut Awards. I sort of went with what I had on hand as it has been a bit of a busy week.


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Folks if you have not been to Litko Game Accessories you really need to remedy that. Note the link to the left of this post and go look at all the nifty things they offer.

Now here is my actual entry for the papercuts 🙂

Addendum!  I was the only person who entered this category so I took first prize in the model kits , W00T!


spr42_under3 copy

The Weird West

Posted: August 7, 2013 in Minis and Terrain

Here is version #2 of my Weird West Assay Office. This is SOOOOO not going to be my entry for the Papercut Awards. Once I was building it I noted way too many issues with the general construction and some jarringly obvious mis measurements.

Test shots

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Minis and Terrain

Here is a look at some recent paper models with a little barbarian dude.IMG_20130721_201914