Gateway Convention 2013

Posted: September 3, 2013 in General Gaming and Geekery, Uncategorized

Let me just say that it is totally different being a paying customer at the convention rather than having to work while there. I realized I was actually complete newbie at all the things a customer should know how to do because I had never actually done them. The first thing we were able to get into was a smashing game of Monster Island. The original rules are from Firefly Games but the version we played was modified slightly.
There were roughly 24 kaiju monsters to choose from and only six players. Benji grabbed up one of the four versions of Godzilla but I grabbed the nearest figure to me and ended up with Mecha King Ghidora.

You could destroy anything on the board, including each other. There were military vehicles, rescue items and monuments of note.

I thought I was clever, using my flying ability to get atop a building and take a pot shot at Destroya who rushed right in to charge a monument (which he demolished in one shot).
He got out of range of my mighty lazer breath so I trooped into the center of town to confront an attack group of UFO’s who landed to try and capture the kaiju for their own nefarious purposes.

I was doing alright until the mother ship managed to stun me and teleport me right over in front of Godzilla. Things quickly went downhill from there.


I finished the game with three whole points and an epic death. It was a really enjoyable time and I know have this rule set. The hard part is going to be gathering my own collection of kaiju though I think that the MonsterPocalypse figures we have will serve for a while.

Friday evening we played in a Pathfinder game ran by my friend Casey and his compadre Bruce. This was a no frills hack and slash try to survive game. We recycled a stack of 30 character sheets 2 times between 6 players until we were finally killed off in the end. Not sure if I feel the overwhelming need to get a set of the Pathfinder rules, though the PDF is $10 so I may do that.

  1. That is pretty damn cool, I am jealous… doubly jealous!

    • nathan says:

      glad you enjoyed the game. just a heads up for anyone who wants to know i will be running it again the 9th of october at the Monstore in montclair.

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