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I had someone ask for a Zombie Strike repaint which is groovy because I was going to do one anyway.  Here are some pics of the work in progress.  It is about done but for a few bits and bobs.  The word in the plaque is Greek for Wrath or Rage.

wrath Wrath2 wrath3


Not Dead Yet

Posted: December 27, 2013 in General Gaming and Geekery

I am a little distracted by Saints Row IV, no worries I am still alive and kicking.

Here is a slightly nicer couple of shots of the NERF blasters (and the one buzz bee) I have re-painted recently.


NERF sales

Posted: December 16, 2013 in General Gaming and Geekery, LARP, NERF MODS

In the very near future I will have some NERF blasters for sale.  The factory performance and functions have not been modified.  I have completed several cosmetic modifications to make them more visually appealing to the steampunk LARP community.  Pricing will be as follows;

Mavericks: $15 or $7 with a Maverick trade in.

Strongarms: $20 or $10 with a Strongarm trade in.

Hammershot pistols: $30 or $15 with a hammershot pistol trade in. (excluding anyone I have already given a price to, the original deal is still good)

I will also have a few odd blasters available and I will take custom requests.  If you provide the blaster I will charge $10 plus the cost of materials.  This will also require half of the total price in advance and half upon delivery of the completed project.

I will likely have other props available too, include holsters and sleeves, “candles”, and various decorative bits and bobs.

More NERF repaint

Posted: December 14, 2013 in LARP, NERF MODS

I really like the sleek line of the “girls” NERF stuff.bex pistol

World of Oz- 4th Event

Posted: December 11, 2013 in LARP
World of Oz 4th Event

World of Oz 4th Event

Buzz Bee (sawed off)

Posted: December 9, 2013 in LARP, NERF MODS

A friend gifted me with a bin of NERF guns and among them was a Buzz Bee double barrel shotgun, which I had already been thinking about getting.  It seems to work well with the NERF elite darts so I started the paint job.  Here it is sans highlights and without too much shading.  I need to tone down the “steel” a little too but I am pretty happy with how it looks.  Because of the cocking mechanism I did not take it apart to paint it, I just masked the hell out of it.