Strangeness Abound

Posted: January 9, 2016 in Uncategorized

Weird dream of the morning.  I decide that I am going to go back to working faire and for some reason it is in Devore again but the whole park is like a stadium now.  It is enclosed in this big wall and the wall is this massive activity complex.  Dress rehearsal rolls around and people are doing their usual thing, group photos, finishing construction etc etc.

I have an odd and slightly erotic encounter with someone I barley know who doesn’t even work faire so I am not sure why she is even there. (I know wishful thinking on the part of my brain meats.) But for some reason as I am reclining in a lawn chair she stands behind the chair with her legs just touching my head and we have a conversation.  Most of which I spend trying really hard not to say the wrong thing.

And this is where things get weird.  I take a stroll through the faire site and I realize that I don’t actually want to work faire again.  It just occurs to me that all of the things I dislike about the process are still there but even more glaring since it is enclosed by this big stadium wall thingy.  So I start to jog towards the wall to get back to my gear so I can pack up and leave.  Now I am chubby and running is not my bag (I am working on it so I can be a lot less chubby) but this starts to feel good and before I know it I am really moving, doing shoulder rolls and pounding up stairs and sliding down ramps inside the wall passing all the cool stuff built into the activity center.

When I finally get out of the wall/building I am running on broken ground and sand.  It’s more difficult but still fun and at some point I ditched my shoes so I am running barefoot.  That is about where I woke up.


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