“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn”
Mostly I am your average 42  year old deviant, poly, gamer geek. I am married to an awesome woman. I was exposed to the work of Robert Heinlein at way too early an age and I grew up in a new age Wiccan household.
I have a plethora of hobbies and interests and I find that I need to cycle through them sometimes because there is no way to maintain them all at one time.
I love steampunk, grew up working ren faires and sometimes I am involved with the SCA Any reason is a good reason for costumed goodness.

What I am doing with my life:

I just bought a banjo.
I just bought my first pair of running shoes.
I take zoloft for depression and it freaking rules!
Working (yay paychecks)
Too much Minecraft.

I game as often as possible.  I am going to be entering the world of LARP again pretty soon.


Casablanca, Star Wars, The Great Race (the movie with Tony Curtis not the TV show), Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pirates Trilogy, LotR Trilogy . . . Honestly there are roughly 1600 DVD’s on the shelves behind me. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Drama, Anime etc etc. If you ask my wife she will also point out my penchant for really bad movies.


Most. Although I am biased towards rock n roll, I love big band, swing, ambient, traditional celtic and new age. I love the folk rock that came out of the later end of the 60’s. When I am working on something I prefer instrumental music. When I am driving I like something I can sing along too. When I am cleaning I just want it loud. Some of my favorite bands are Heart, Jethro Tull, Fairport Convention, Tempest, and Steeleye Span.


My favorite writers are Robert Heinlein, SM Stirling, Simon Green, Mercedes Lackey, Herman Hesse, Joel Rosenberg, Jim Butcher, Patricia Briggs and a dozen or so others. We have a lot of books, between the casual fiction, the reference and the coffee table books we always have at least one whole wall of books.


This one is weird because we don’t watch TV we just subscribe to netflix. There are shows I really dig though. Anything Star Trek, BSG, Satisfaction, The Venture Brothers, Lost, Dexter a mess of others . . .


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