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Idle hands

Posted: August 25, 2014 in General Gaming and Geekery, LARP

10462313_10204797195154896_1629362586490578370_n demon bracer 2 dragon pouch dwmon bracer new cuffs pouches and belt scrollcase


A new chapter!

Posted: August 25, 2014 in General Gaming and Geekery, LARP

I just opened my Etsy store to sell my leather goods.  There isn’t a ton of stuff in there but I am treating like a regular job for now and devoting the better part of each day to working on products to add.


Posted: June 10, 2014 in General Gaming and Geekery

Wow, did I ever let things slide away!

This last Spring LARP season was a ton of fun. I cannot wait until September. I am going to attempt to do two events in the same month. I know some of you do that on a regular basis but I have been approached to head the décor team for Oz, so my between games time is going to be largely focused on getting props and décor built which leaves less time to gear up for a LARP with totally different costuming requirements. I also hope to post some tutorials.

I will post photos of the two NERF conversions I did for Oz last month. I built two long rifles out of the Retaliator and the Mega Magnus respectively. The addition of a long barrel and a stock do nothing what so ever to improve the accuracy of the blasters, but they do look pretty groovy.

I am working diligently on my paper crafting this summer as well. I hope to have products up for sale via before the end of summer. I also was given the thumbs up to use the rules mechanics for Oz in my own RPG setting. So once I am out of the writing/editing process I can start gathering people to playtest a new high fantasy LARP.

Wee Dragons

Posted: February 6, 2014 in General Gaming and Geekery

I made a few little dragons this evening, I need to make more as these are a little rough but they have a bit of cute to them.

IMG_20140206_000348 IMG_20140206_000421 IMG_20140206_000510 IMG_20140206_000546

I really tried to get this done for last weekend but just could not make it happen.  However, it is ready to rock and roll for the March game.

1546323_10203158395625932_570512839_n*I realized that I cannot actually use this in Oz as it fires three darts at a time. 😦

Bex asked me if we could repaint the scatter gun for The Red Poppy.  In the process I replaced the packing tape used for the apparatus with a leather bit that holds the vials snuggly in place.

red poppy scatter gun

Made a little belt holster for Bex’s pew pew.

little holster pew pew