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Another hog leg . . .

Posted: March 3, 2014 in LARP, NERF MODS

I made a holster for a blaster for a friend and I sort of bungled the method by which it would ride on her belt so I took it apart and used it as a pattern for this holster.  I then decided I needed to tool something into the leather.  Something I have not done since I was a teenager.  It doesn’t totally suck.  I am going to call this a win.

strongarm holster


I really tried to get this done for last weekend but just could not make it happen.  However, it is ready to rock and roll for the March game.

1546323_10203158395625932_570512839_n*I realized that I cannot actually use this in Oz as it fires three darts at a time. 😦

Bex asked me if we could repaint the scatter gun for The Red Poppy.  In the process I replaced the packing tape used for the apparatus with a leather bit that holds the vials snuggly in place.

red poppy scatter gun

Made a little belt holster for Bex’s pew pew.

little holster pew pew

I made a pattern for the Zombiestrike Hammershot but I neglected to add a bit for the stitching but it turned out alright, it fits the Rebelle like a champ.

my holster


Posted: January 8, 2014 in General Gaming and Geekery, LARP, NERF MODS

It is possible that I have been playing far too much Saint’s Row IV.

saints row

I had someone ask for a Zombie Strike repaint which is groovy because I was going to do one anyway.  Here are some pics of the work in progress.  It is about done but for a few bits and bobs.  The word in the plaque is Greek for Wrath or Rage.

wrath Wrath2 wrath3