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When I finished this fancy holster I made a second one but I did not tool it.  No good reason why other than I wanted to see the contrast.


I may redux this cover for the stock of my sxs Stoeger but I think it came out really nice other than being just slightly oversized.

coachgun stock


Skull Flask

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This took me a few tries to work the pattern out.  It is based on a project from the Tandy Leathercraft Library but once you buy an 8oz flask you will learn that not all 8oz flasks are created equal.  I fiddled with the pattern until it fit the flasks that I have.

I am opening up for commissions again for a little while.



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The latest version the Shooters Handbook from S.A.S.S. is available.  It really clears up a lot of rules and vague category issues.

http://www.sassnet.com/Downloads/Shooters Handbook Vers 22_2.pdf

Springfield Trapdoor Carbine 1884

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One of the reasons I recently went down south-


curly drew

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