Thank you Mr. Corriea

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I don’t necessarily agree with all of Larry’s politics, I would say I am far more liberal and prefer my blue state, but I love his work and have a great deal of respect for his experience and knowledge.  The following is an essay he wrote for his blog and despite use of one statistic I would question, I think it is dead on balls accurate.


Reciprocity is Good

Posted: December 18, 2017 in Firearms

I recently saw some folks posting about concealed carry reciprocity as if it were a bad thing, something to dread and fight.  As of this date H.R.38 – Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2017 has passed the house and is going to the Senate.  While I don’t normally cheer the efforts of the NRA, I do believe in rights of a person to bear arms to protect themselves and I do enjoy the hobby of collecting and shooting firearms.  There is a reason that LEOs refer to the CPL as a “good guy” card.  In WA state just having a CPL means that-

The holder is 21 years of age or older at time of application.
Is a United States citizen or a permanent resident alien with permanent resident card or “green card.”
Has no pending trial, appeal, or sentencing on a charge that would prohibit you from having a license.
Has no outstanding warrants for any charge, from any court.
Has no court order or injunction against possessing a firearm.
Has no mental health conditions that would prohibit you from having a license.
Has no felony convictions, or adjudications for a felony offense, in this state or elsewhere. “Felony” means any felony offense under the laws of Washington, or any federal or out-of-state offense comparable to a felony offense under the laws of Washington.
Has no convictions for any of the following crimes committed by one family member against another on or after July 1, 1993:

Assault IV
Reckless Endangerment
Criminal Trespass in the first degree
Violation of the provisions of a protection order or no-contact order restraining the person or excluding the person from the residence

Some states have requirements which are more strict, but I could not find any state which issues a concealed carry permit which did not meet this or similar requirements.  If you carry for protection this is a big deal.  Personally I would be more likely to carry a firearm for protection when on a road trip which might span several states.  Tourists are often seen as targets by criminals who prey on out-of-towners who may have vacation resources on them.  Or gods forbid you break down in the middle of nowhere and lack the “protections” perceived or actual of civil society.

I know that many people have not been in an instance when a firearm was needed for protection and they do not feel that a gun is necessary.  Truth be told if someone breaks into my house I would probably grab a baseball bat or an ax or whatever else happens to be close to hand to repel that intruder. But that is only if my firearm of choice happens to be too far away.  No matter how tough a person thinks they are or can be with “insert your not gun choice of weapon here” you want your protection to be unquestioningly effective.  I would feel a lot a worse about causing massive brain damage to an attacker and leaving them a slobbering drooling mess than I would about shooting and possibly killing them.  That holds true for me and several hundred thousand (or more) people who live in this country.  Not all of those people are ‘Murica types.  A lot of us are liberal, woke, intelligent people.  TL:DR if you know a CPL holder then you know someone who is a law abiding person.  Don’t give them grief because they want to be able to protect themselves in more than just their home state.

Something a Bit More Modern

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Never made a pancake style holster so I took my wife’s target pistol and looked up a few patterns online.  I am fairly pleased with the results. Also, always remember to plan ahead.  I did not 😦


Someone Who Inspires

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The three of you read my blog and put up with my shenanigans know that last year I went to Biccoline up in Canada.  No doubt you’ve also heard my complaints about the trip in general and a select few of you may even have heard a few more pointed very specific complaints.  The site was awesome, the party was fun, the weather sucked and I have never spent so much time on a plane in my life.  The best thing about that trip for me was some of the people I got to meet along the way.

One lady in particular is an unending source of inspiration on many levels. T is just plain awesome (yes I am only using her initial because yanno privacy) When you first meet her you are struck by the physical impression.  She is a fucking Valkyrie.  Six foot one (I think) toned, trim, amazing body proportions. Gorgeous, piercing gray/blue eyes and lovely dark hair.  She has an amazing smile that just lights up the space she is in.  Now the good thing about getting to know people online is you get to see their personality as well.  That is how I first encountered her.  It was immediately apparent that this woman was confident, powerful, intelligent and erudite on her chosen topics.  She is helpful even when slammed by work and takes the time to respond to people who contact her.  She also manages to handle internet douche bags with grace and aplomb, a worthy skill that many of us should cultivate.  That was how I got to know her initially.  Group chats and google hang outs for noobs going to Bico.

Then I went to Bico and got to meet her in person.  Total badass! She is squired to a knight in the SCA so the combat at Bico seemed a bit less daunting to her.  She was just as gracious and friendly in person as she had been online.  Something I did not know about her was she used to be big.  Not to mince words she was fat.  It turns out that this lithe sword maiden had done an astounding feat of bodily transformation.  A lot of people would not be impressed by this, they are dumb and we feel bad for them.  Some small minded wastes of space would even scoff at her because she also had a weight loss assist procedure done.  That just pisses me off to no end.

I went from being a super skinny kid, to being a chubby young adult and then onto just plain fat.  I carry around about a hundred extra pounds and even with regular exercise I have always found it difficult to control my weight.  Add to that building up some bad habits, hobbies that are less active, poor diet choices and a sprinkling of depression, ironically heightened by being fat.  I make jokes about being the fat guy all the time.  I also feel like shit about it all the time.  So here I see this wonderful person who also struggled with weight issues and she is getting a ration of shit because she made use of a surgical procedure to help her lose weight.  It’s like people read that and just forget that she had to make astounding changes to her lifestyle and habits in order to drop 150# that she shed.  A belly band or gastro sleeve or whatever does not mean you wake up thin and slim you still have to put in the work to shed the mass and it is fucking hard.  I have nothing but admiration for T.  Her story keeps me trying to make my own changes.  I am about to start a new experiment, a regime I have not tried before.  I have been slowly adjusting my diet for other health reasons too so I am really hoping that new activity levels and intensity coupled with the ongoing changes will get me to a much more physically healthy and happy place.

I guess the point of this narrative is this;  If you know someone who is trying hard to do something don’t tear them down by pointing out that it wasn’t all accomplished via iron will and stalwart resolve.  Not only are you being an asshole but you are probably wrong to boot.

New Rig

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Less one holster, I may actually make an interchangeable pouch that can replace my left side holster if I don’t need to have two pistols on me. I will be making NERF holsters for this belt too.


3rd Strike for SASS

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That’s it, I am fucking done.  All patience has been exhausted.  A few weeks ago I ask an admin on the SASS wire if I can sell leather in the Classified section of the forum.  The answer is no as the classified are for used items bought for personal use and no longer required.  Ok cool I get it.  I check out the merchant guidelines.  A business presence is required and there is an application process.  Really not a good fit either.  I am just selling off the product I make from extra materials.  Strictly short run one off hobbyist sales.  I would use Etsy or a similar service if I had a dozen or so things sitting around but I don’t.  So moving along.

I have other social issues with the SASS Wire, the forums at  Because once again when I call a douche bag a douche bag it is better to step away rather than get drawn to extended argument online, something we all know never works out.  Cool, I do that at the behest of one of the moderators.  It’s the second time I ask to be removed from the forum completely as they don’t have an option to do it yourself.  The mod is hesitant to do so and convinces me to just let things chill.  Now because my brain is a little broken and I grave acceptance, like most human beans, I try to socialize again.  Strictly limited interaction.  I post some leather work.

Now I mention in passing that I will take commissions and that the belt I showed in the photo would probably run about $275 after time and materials.  I was pretty up front that I was not selling that belt but that I would make custom belts.  One of the mods pulls the post and chastises me for selling items in that part of the forum.  He then recommends that I offer my services in the classified section.  At this point I am having a WTF moment so I ask for clarification, pointing out that I was already told that was a no go, I literally ask for advice.  He gives me a snarky fucking answer telling me that it isn’t his job to offer advice.  Now folks I am here to tell you, 90% of the people on this forum will offer you advice on how to wipe your ass and what paper to use and why if you even hint that you are about to take a dump.

Enter the mod who gave me the original information.  She makes comment on how hobbyist sales are still considered sales according to the tax code (no where in the guidelines of this forum do the words “tax code” exist) and locks the damn thread.  I am tempted for a hot second to bring up the fact that there are several people who routinely go around buying SASS appropriate firearms and re-selling them on the Classified section.  I am done.  Three bites is all that anyone ever gets.  It is not worth the anxiety and the anger.  So there you go folks, don’t go to a SASS event if you are decent affable human being, especially if you refuse to call someone on their bullshit when they are being a jackass.

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