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I have more . . .

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I probably have more finished leather work on hand right now than I have had for a couple of years.

All the ammo!

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This bandoleer hold ten 12ga shells and forty rounds of .45 Colt


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Too much SASS

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The single action shooting society had been on my radar for a long time.  I grew up in the part of southern California where the organization first started.  My step dad was a cowboy (a real one).  I wasn’t really gun friendly as a kid because my mom is a total hippy so back in the day it was just one of those interesting things you’d see once in a while.

This last year my wife and I decided to become gun owners.  We felt that the political and social climate in this country was such that knowing how to use a firearm would be a good idea.  We also both like similar target sports such as archery.  So we started our educational trip down the road of safety and ownership of firearms.  I despise the NRA but I cannot deny that they have the best organized classes and some pretty outstanding instructors.  Over the course of this learning process I have taken an interest in shooting sports.

Cowboy action shooting popped back onto my radar.  A costumed gun sport. Challenging leather working goals.  Interesting firearms that could easily do double duty as self defense weapons.  A means to actively practice getting both accurate and fast with those same guns.  I did not know that many firing ranges actually won’t let you practice aggressive tactics, fast firing or shooting from the hip.  Though I was also very aware of modern three gun sports, I wanted to dress like a cowboy so I bought my S.A.S.S. membership after watching nearly every video on You Tube I could find.  I started doing research, planning my gun purchases and dipping a toe into the community.  I have helped out a bit at one club and gone to a match at another club, though I did not shoot.

I have also tried to engage with the online community since has a very active forum.  Big mistake.  For every one positive interaction there are three negative.  I got called a liberal snowflake.  I was lectured on the role of deity in the U.S. Constitution.  I was asked my opinion then attacked when I expressed it.  I found myself in a virtual community of machismo, apologists, diet racists, trump supporters and god botherers.  When I stopped engaging in a conversation on the forum I was pursued via private messages and further insulted by over privileged old white men who seem to think that my dis trust of law enforcement means I want to get into a gunfight with a cop.  For the last two weeks, at least, engaging with this community to attempt to enjoy this hobby has brought me misery and depression instead of enjoyment.

I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone become involved with this organization.  I have met some very nice folks at the two clubs I have interacted with and there are maybe 3 or 4 people from the forums who were/are genuinely nice people to interact with.  But now I am a little paranoid about getting any more involved with either of my local clubs.  Just knowing that the above attitudes are so prevalent in the organization gives me second thoughts about getting in any deeper.  The motto of the organization is “come for the shooting and stay for the people”.  I find that I cannot interact with the people without getting angry and frustrated.

steam punk pouch

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I know it’s plain but I think it actually looks better.  Cleaner finishing and the construction on the tooled holster is just not very clean and tidy.